The Art of Lithe Living

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Do you live in a sports town? Do you need to sometimes put on the Gold and Red, or Blue and Yellow? Are your team colors pretty unflattering? Are the logo’s offensive or just tacky?

What is Lithe Living?

Agine, lean, lightsome. limber, loose, nimple,, pliable, slight, spare, supple

Lithe Living is a process, it’s a journey of creating a world of ease, calm, health, comfort, simplicity, which reflects class, aplomb, confidence… When I talk about Lithe Living, I am not talking only about your body, being thin, but I am talking about your WHOLE life-  home, frienships, work, wardrobe, diet, exercise

Lithe Living is NOT a living a sparse life, its not giving up what you love, its not denying yourself.  It is more a practice of learning what matters, what you really need, how to bring into your world what is good for you.

Through this website, I hope to share daily affirmations that are for the mind, body, spirit, home, health.  I hope to share the best of the best articles, links, news, nutrition, fashion, travel and have it Lithed down so its easily absorbed!!

So in that spirit, lets get started

Lithely Yours


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