Creating the Lithe Wardrobe and Closet


As you read LITHE LIVING, you know its all about clean, simple, organized and easy living. A huge part of LITHE LIVING is having a great workable wardrobe for all the aspects of your life. And no matter how much or how little storage space you have, that area of a life needs to be LITHE!! As I was researching all the typical ways to organize your closet and wardrobe, I happened upon sites for how to pack light (LITHE!!) when traveling. Wow!! Then I thought, how can I use that same mindset for my everyday wardrobe, that is realistic and using what I already have?

So I came up with a strategy: If I needed to live/work/play someplace else for three months, (and magically those three months had the same variety of seasons where I live now), and could only carry two large suitcases, what in the world would I bring?


Before diving in, do a bit of thinking first. THINK LITHELY!!
1-Think about where you would want to live and work and play and explore for three months and how that country or city of choice can and would/should influence your style, (ie could you really wear beach sarongs everyday to work?!)
2-Think about all the different aspects of your life: work, play, exercise, shopping, meals out, events with family, going out to plays, the theater, walking your dogs, hobbies
3-Think about the weather – are the seasons dramatically different, or are the changes more mild?
4-Do you like your clothes? Are you happy with your style? Are you stuck in a rut? If you were really travelling, would you buy new items for the trip or do you have way too much stuff already?
5-Do you look in your closet and sigh? Do you try the same clothes on over and over just to shove back in the drawer but actually never wear? Does what you have work? Think about all that as we actually get into the LITHE-ING of your clothes!!

What would you take on your imaginary trip for three LITHE months?

By doing this exercise, you will be able to create the LITHE wardrobe you so need!!
1-Set aside a couple of hours. Have a few of bags or baskets ready for items that are to be donated, sold, fixed/laundered, maybe, or tossed (for items that are not going back into your closet/drawers/shelves
2-Start pulling clothes that you would take on your three month work/vacation trip. Remember, this all has to fit in a couple of large suitcases. What skirts, dresses, pants, blazers do you LOVE, that fit well, go with lots of things? What blouses, shirts, sweaters do you really wear, that are in good condition and would be worthy of say Paris (that’s MY LITHE location)
3-Now do the same with exercise clothes, play clothes, dressy clothes
4-Lay out the clothes so you can really see what you have. Try on pieces you have chosen if you are the least bit iffy- does the skirt fit right, how is the length on those pants, does the blouse pull? Do the jeans make you look good? Is the style still current or at least vintage without being old? Does everything work together? Are they in good condition? Do you need three black blazer, and do you use three black blazers? Have you ever worn the green jeans? Do I need ten exercise shirts? Be smart here and don’t “over pack”!!
5-Once you have pulled your items, and they should only be items you love, that fit well, that flatter, mix and match, that you have worn, and fit into your lifestyle, take a deep breath and admire your handiwork!
6-Next, gather up a few purses, scarves, shoes, etc to complete your outfits. Here, be a bit frugal in your selections, don’t go crazy (don’t worry I am not going to tell you to get rid of tons of things, this is just a way to really see what works and what you really will use).
7-Be sure and include a raincoat, windbreaker, umbrella, gloves, hats, bras, panties
8-Note if there are any gaps- you don’t have a great white blouse, your black dress is too faded, and make a list of what you would like to add that would fill out your travel wardrobe.
9-Next, empty out the rest of your closet, etc. Put back all the clothes you would take on your three month journey. Give them priority in your space. Here is where I would NOT do the norm, of sorting all my clothes by kind back in together. These ”travel clothes” stay on the Priority/LITHE side of the closet, get their own drawer, own shelf, as these are the clothes you love, probably wear most often and make you happy, they deserve priority in your new LITHE life
10-Okay, now take a look at the rest and sort into the aforementioned piles- keep, donate, toss, need-to-be fixed
11-Take the remaining clothes you are keeping but aren’t part of the “travel wardrobe” sort by kind: blouses, blazers, sweaters, pants, dresses, etc. This way if you want to pull from that side of the closet, you can do so quickly. If you do wear something a few times, then it has earned its way to the Priority/LITHE side. You will find after six months, you may want to remove more items or switch around some. You may have purchased a few to fill in the gaps. Do the same with your accessories.
12-Do not keep anything that does not bring you joy in some sense. And there is no need to up and change your style, but you can for sure keep it fresh and LITHE!!
13-Finally, step back, breath, and again admire your work. Now you have a really workable wardrobe, you know what you need to find to fill in the gaps and you know what is really you. You understand your style a bit more, you understand what your wardrobe needs help, and you can now live every day a bit more LITHELY….

Yours in joy


NEXT TIME? More hints on creating a LITHE WARDROBE!!! What every women should and shouldn’t have in the closet (sorry crocs and hello kitty sweatshirts)

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