Breath or Do Ten Jumping Jacks!

Every hour, if you can, take a few minutes to do the opposite of what you are doing. For instance, if you are sitting at your computer, stand up and do ten squats, or twenty butt squeezes, or whatever you can get away with. I have a friend who does two minutes of squats when she takes her bathroom breaks at the restaurant where she works. If you are constantly standing or on the go, stop, and breath. Even if working an assembly line, take deep breaths. Move your hips around. Stand on your toes and back down. I know many jobs aren’t conducive to taking a few minutes of “LITHE” time, but if you do have a moment, seize it!!

And don’t worry if people look, who cares? This is about you, your lungs, your blood, your stress, and your spirit. A bank teller I know does kick backs during slow times. A work colleague had a clock on her desk, and every hour she stood up, walked outside, breathed in some fresh air. It was her LITHE ritual and it made her more productive.

And everyday, stand outside, whether its hot or cold and breath. If possible stand by a tree or barefoot in the grass. We spend far too much time in closed air systems.

Decompress Even three minutes can shift where you are to where you want to be.

Lithely Yours


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