Let’s get started on our LITHE bathroom!!!

Organization starts NOW!! Starting with the BATHROOM

We all have pockets of clutter. We can live a LITHE life when we have a home of order. And we can have that home of order even if we live with others-family, friends, and if we share a bathroom with others or not, having that area streamlined allows us to have a calm, serene, productive and LITHE time when we take care of our bodies, face, hair, and skin.

We all have our own beauty and grooming routines and our own special products (more ideas on that soon), but we tend to overstock and keep items for too long, and we end up wasting time and money. When you really think about it, how many products do we really use and how long do they last. Many bathroom items will last for a couple years ,which makes me wonder about the chemicals and preservatives in them, natural or not, but I digress.

So its time to dig in and organize the bathroom and its additional storage areas. Starting NOW!! An hour or two now save time, energy and frustration. We end up just shoving things around, much like our clothes in our closets.

So lets get started!! Warn everyone in your family you are GOING IN. Have the plan in mind, and the supplies you need.
open items. They will pass along to those in need.

The LITHE Program to a LITHE Bathroom!!
1- Decide how you will organize, either by type of product, or by person, or by morning and evening
2- Have baskets to sort- such as all shampoos, all lotions, all tools or by Mom, Dad, Kids, or roommates
3- Empty everything out. I suggest putting in bottom of shower or bathtub or sink for items that may need to be wiped down
4- As you put items into the various baskets, look for an expiration date (usually on the back and its by months since purchase)
5- If at ALL iffy, toss. If it contains “active chemicals” like acne medicines, they potentency will diminish over time and while old products may not do harm, its better to just toss.
6- Shampoos and lotions, even with so called “natural ingrediants” are supposed to last a couple of years, but at some point, why not start fresh? Why hold on to a conditioner that just didn’t work?
7- If you have several bottles of say, shampoo, that have just enough in them, combine the shampoos. My husband doesn’t care what he uses, so he gets my leftovers.
8- If you have been collecting the hotel or sample size containers for possible future use, but don’t really use as the products collect all the unopened ones and donate to a shelter.
9- Gather up all the electric items- blow dryers, straighteners, etc and make sure they all work. If they are saved for those once a year Halloween costume, then store somewhere else. Keep ONLY what you use.
10- If you have makeup in the bathroom, consider storing elsewhere, the steam can cake eye makeup and the like. Also consider getting tools so that fingers don’t dip into the cream, as bacteria can grow (more on make up later!!)
11- Lastly, if you have room, put some basic cleaning supplies in the bathroom. At a minimum, a container of those quick wipes. A quick wipe down allows for quick cleaning later, and creates that LITHE feeling of freshness!!
12- If you are sharing the bathroom with family, give them a walk through and say “An organized bathroom makes for less stress, faster in and out times, and a much happier mom”. If you have roommates, just give a quick chat saying, Hey, lets see how long this lasts!!! (sometimes you need humor, but once people see how it works, they will keep it up). And if you are lucky enough to not have to share (or share much!) then lucky you!!!

Remember to do a weekly quick re-sorting to keep up the LITHE Bathroom. Five minutes on a Sunday evening can save that easily everyday!!

Next time, how to make the bathroom your mini spa…

Living Lithely,


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