Dance Like NoOne and EveryONe is Watching

Dance Like No-One and Everyone is Watching

Last week, I danced with ODC/Rythym and Motion dance classes group in the Pride Parade. It was amazing. Three routines, over a hundred dances, four teachers, lots of colors and fun music. Dancing up Market street in front of tens of thousands of people. Were we perfect? Hell no? Did we worry about making mistakes? For about the first five minutes. Did we have a great time? Oh yeah!!

What was so wonderful about the day was the sheer joy we all felt, the nerves, the worrying about remembering all the steps, the being grateful for the wonderful volunteers and dance school staff, and the excitement we felt for dancing up the main street of San Francisco, on Pride Sunday, getting cheered on by so many loving people.

Did they notice our missteps, sure, did they care, no! Did anyone make fun of the middle aged women in rainbow colors shimming and shaking and twirling up the road? No, they cheered encouragement.

When I tried to explain to people what I was going to do, about the practices, the music, they didn’t understand that we would be literally dancing up the road. When I shared the video, its like, wow yeah, you were really dancing, with moves and steps and everything!!

What I learned about my day and time with all those wonderful ladies and the dudes was having fun, that sending a positive message about age, the lgbt community, sharing music, is important, and if you aren’t perfect and you end up bumping into someone, if you aren’t as graceful and you would like to be, if you forget your steps, it doesn’t matter, so long as you do it all with smile and joy, even if its on the inside. And even if you can’t smile at everything you do, smile later that you tried

Dance Dance Dance

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