Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers

I was reading an article about adults who read Young Adults literature, ala Harry Potter, Twilight, wondering why, but also saying why not!!

I think it’s the idea that not everything in life has to be challenging, needs to prove a point, must be harder than what you did before. For instance, is it always better to to run further, finish the crossword, read the more intellectual book?

I recently started going to Wine and Paint classes, where they “teach” or rather guide you through some steps to create something resembling their painting. You mix your own colors, have a snack or cocktail, chat with your neighbors, and paint away. Its amazingly soothing, and once you get past the, well doesn’t look like the original, and opps, my lilypad is askew, so the rest will have to be, you learn to let go of the result, and enjoy the process. You flash back to childhood and the freedom of just creating for fun.

I brought my painting home, and my mother says, wow great colors!!! Okay, that’s something one says to a 2nd grader when you can’t tell what the hell it is they made for you. And you learn to ask the right questions so feelings aren’t hurt. I knew my painting was great, but it wasn’t bad at all either. I think I will display it in my guest bathroom, all signed, and let my guests and family wonder if I really think I am an artiste!! Not at all fishing for compliments, just love the colors!!!!

When you think of art, you need to think of it as less permanent than it is- if you run a mile, no one sees it, if you practice the piano, the notes just fly away. Any of the “hard” more permanent arts leave us reminders of our efforts. We need to remind ourselves that not everything we do needs to be the best, better than before, or even good.

I have been painting more and more, and my mother always tries to be helpful by saying, “well the more you practice, the better you’ll get”. I am not even thinking about getting better, more hey, that’s a great flower this time.

Yesterday, I received the “adult” paint by number kits. Husband is watching baseball, and I am trying to read tiny numbers on a outline of a beach seen with lighthouse. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, but you know you can finish it because even if you run out of one color paint, you can improvise. Did you here about the new jigsaw puzzles with no straight sides? The humanity!!! That takes it to another level I just couldn’t be bothered with.

In your life, know that not everything has to be difficult, or the best, or better, that painting that’s “not great” is great!! In fact its wonderful.

Litheness to all


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