Is It Warming Up Where You Are?  It’s Time To Self-Assess

Is It Warming Up Where You Are?  It’s Time To Self-Assess!

Every New Years, most of us make a list of life changes- more exercise, less sugar, more adventures, less whining, saving money, and all the other self-improvement and fresh-start ideas.

Now that the time has changed and we are almost through a quarter of the year, how we doing?

Here is a check list of sorts to ease the process:

Using the gym more?
Walking more?
Taking the stairs when you can?
Parking further away?
Getting the ab work done?
Sitting straighter, watching the posture?
Trying new gym classes?
Using that groupon deal?

Gotten your check-ups scheduled?
Bought some inserts for your sneakers?

Cutting back on meat, sugar, caffeine, dairy, processed food?
Eating more salad and veggies?
Eating smaller portions?
Using spices instead of salt?
Trying new foods?

Streamlining your living space?
Getting windows, carpets, vents cleaned for fresher air?
Recycling more?
Conserving heat and water?
Setting up file systems for the year?

Gone to a lecture or talk?
Checked out the new park or restaurant?
Watching the sunrise or set?
Walking your dog or a borrowed pup?
Planning a dinner party?

Have you taken the time to get centered?
Have you forgiven yourself?
Have you said no?
Said hello to strangers?
Done random acts of kindness
Posted something nice on the internet?

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