To My Many Readers!! Happy Feb 15th ; )

A belated valentine’s thank you for being you, for reading my posts, for sharing you heartfelt and gracious thoughts, for your wonderful ideas, and for your own writing…

I started writing for me, it bring me joy, and I am glad that some of my thoughts and ideas have been helpful. I also thank you for sharing my site with others.

Valentines Day can be a day of joy or just a day of irritation. It should be a reminded of the good we have in our lives, and not just a celebration of a relationship with someone. I was reading a post by a young friend who felt sad yesterday. The “holiday” was dragging her heart down. Her many friends posted lovely thoughts to let her know she was loved. We need to do that everyday.

I appreciate all my readers, and thank you for your kind words and encouragement. And thank you for signing up to receive my blog, it brings warmth to my heart and soul and a smile to my face. I hope you have joy in your lives today and more tomorrow.

Yours in litheness and joy


ps- pass along a cyber hug today…send some love

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