Keep the Love of Valentines Day Alive and Stand Up for What is Right

Valentines Day is a day where we are supposed to remember to show our love to friends and family. We need to continue that sentiment on to today, and everyday. We need to not let the hateful have power. We need to support those that have been hurt through words or actions. We need to let people know that their hateful words are not acceptable. That their violent actions are not acceptable. And let the people in charge who let it continue to stand up and do the right thing.

I was reading the coverage about the NFL players and the horrible hate speech. What I don’t understand is how this was allowed to go on for so long, how the recipients weren’t believed, and how people knew it was happening and did nothing.

I also don’t understand the types of people that just want to say hateful, mean, disparaging, childish, and petty words to other people. What benefit does it serve anyone? I really think that the people that spew such vile really don’t like themselves very much, and that is really quite sad. Why do “people” feel the need to bully? Why do they feel such prejudice? Why are they so immature? Why are they so inhumane? And why do they find it amusing?

I wrote a blog awhile back about using kind words when thinking and talking about ourselves. But we shouldn’t stop there. Everyday, we should go out of our way to say something kind and generous to someone- a person you love, a stranger, a friend, a clerk, a gym instructor, an employee. Make it a daily practice to compliment people, make it real and heart felt. Say thank you. Smile. Acknowledge. You never know if that someone has been treated to harshness, cruelness, and bigotry, and your kind words can remind them most people are decent and caring.

The men and women who hear those nasty words and keep going are stronger, more powerful, kinder, and more thoughtful and will survive and thrive, regardless of what jerks have to say, hopefully. But, sadly, there are too many stories of young people killing and hurting themselves after being bullied. The bullying online is awful, perpetrated by posters who are weak and pathetic, so they troll around saying nasty, whiney, and frankly just stupid meaningless tripe. I just wish the people that those words are directed to could see that the trolling posters and bullies are nobodies.

Today be kind to yourself and to others. If you feel the urge to say something harsh, step back, and ask yourself, is it worth it? Thank someone for doing a great job, stop rushing and take the time to smile, and stand up for what is right. Don’t accept hate in your life, and do what you can to stop hate around you and in the world.

Contact the NFL. Tell them that any kind of bigotry, hazing, racism, homophobia, sexism, violence is wrong and they need to hold their players accountable for their actions, both on and off the field. They are just one of many organizations that need to be reminded to do the right thing.


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