Project Unbreakable

Wow, all I can say is Wow…there is power in sharing these pictures and stories, and hopefully sharing can help with the hurt and shame and anger these women feel. It takes strength to go public and I hope that world finally sees assault on women for what it is, assault. Rape is used in war as a weapon, its used to scare people in prison (when is that ever right), and used to blame and control people.

Its NEVER the victim’s fault. Men (and its almost always men) need to take a good look at themselves and each other and say, sexual assault of any form is WRONG. I am going to share Project Unbreakable’s message with all my husband’s guy friends. Either as the parent of son’s or daughter’s they need to have this discussion with their children, as well as stand up for women everywhere.

I applaud Project Unbreakable, and I hope their speaking out bring a bit of peace into their lives.

Yours in Litheness

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