WHO Report on Cancer- Summary and Thoughts

The WHO (World Health Organization) just released a report on Cancer. Here is a summary from CNN of the report.


What is amazing to me is that there is such a controversy regarding the report that 50% of cancer, at least, is preventable. Some people see that as blaming the victim. For instance, when a non-smoker gets lung cancer, or a non-drinker gets liver cancer, (two cancers whose numbers can be brought way down with no smoking and less drinking), it’s really is not their fault. However, many of the people with lung cancer and liver cancer have, sadly, brought it on themselves. There are lots of people and organizations to blame here for sure: tobacco companies, fast food businesses, GMO proponents, polluters, drug companies, and giant agri-businesses.

What I think is lost on people is the notion that we should do all we can to live healthy lives and find ways to help the rest of the world bring down the ever growing cancer rates. For instance, if we helped get the vaccine for cervical cancer to women in developing worlds, we can save millions of lives.

I am sharing this report and this summary because it is so important. We cannot prevent every bad thing from ever happening, but we should do our best to minimize the chances. We were seat belts, we brush our teeth, we tie our shoe laces, and we should try and keep toxins out of our bodies as best we can.

To my family and friends who still smoke- STOP IT…please for yourself and for everyone else

To my friends and family who are dealing with cancer or other ailments, I love you and send good healthy vibes your way. We are here for you.

To the researchers, please pay more attention to the environmental factors that are triggering cancers- the chemicals in our food, water, ground, products, and air. If we just pushed and pushed and pushed to stop smoking world wide, that would be a huge step forward.

Living lithely means taking care of ourselves and being good to our bodies. It means living life trying to leave less of a toxic footprint. It means helping others do the same. It means giving of our time, our hearts, our treasures to help those in need. It means doing all we can to be healthy and lithe in all ways.

Take Care


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