Acessory Exchange Party Sample Invitation

Accessories Exchange Party!!!

September 30, 2014

123 Smith Road

3-5pm Sunday

What:  A get together where you bring unwanted accessories- belts, scarves, watches, sunglasses, hats, purses, clutches, totes, jewelry, etc!!

How:  Its sorted, and then you “shop!”  -

taking what you find irresistible!! And watching others admire your taste!!!

Who:  Friends, friends of friends, the more the merrier!!

When:  3-5pm Sunday!! Starts right on time

What else:  If you want, bring something to share-wine, fruit, hor’s duvers, sweets, anything you desire

Why:  To clean our drawers, closets, boxes, and share with friends, to find some new treasures that fit your lifestyle, and to mingle and meet new people

What else 2:  After the event, all unused items will be donated to Dress for Success and Princess Project. (If you have work clothes or evening dresses ala prom, those organizations will also take in those items, so feel free to bring along, and I will happily donate as well!!)

So ladies, set aside the date, start looking at your closets, and drawers and boxes, and lets bring some joy into others lives and well as our own

Hope to see you soon

In the Spirit of Lithe Living— xoxo Triston

Ps-if you can’t make it, your stuff still can!! Let me know!!!

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