How things change but still remain the same- Comparing two movies about women

How things change but still remain the same- Comparing two movies about women

I just watched two female driven movies- The Best of Everything (1959) and Burlesque (2010). Sure, neither film is going to make any best movie lists, but I still really enjoyed them. I think Cher is amazing, and the actors in Best of Everything were all great stars of the late 50s and early 60s. Movies with a cast of mostly women, even if imperfect, should be supported.

It was truly amazing how similar the plots were: Two talented women from small towns, moving to the big city to make it. At first they take jobs they are over qualified for (one a college educated woman doing secretarial work, the other an amazing singer and dancer who starts as a waitress).

The women than used their intelligence to get what they wanted and deserved.

What I loved about both movies was the strong female characters, the evolving friendships, the support they had for each other, and the various wants and drives the different women had. In both some wanted fame and fortune, some wanted marriage, some wanted to make it on their own, doing jobs they were well qualified for but had to fight to get. In both productions, the men were in the picture, but the female leads and supporting cast were by far the more interesting.

It was really enjoyable to look at the generational similarities. In The Best of Everything, it was about women seeing the possibilities in the man old boy club of publishing, and in Burlesque, it was also about a woman who wanted to have things her way in a male run industry.

Sure, some may think both movies are clichéd, but life is often clichéd. And watching these movies that show how tough it can be for women in male dominated arenas.

As an aside, I loved the friendships the ladies had, how they supported each other (except for a few mean girl moments), how they generally took care of themselves, both physically and mentally, wanted love in their lives, but didn’t sacrifice their dreams or themselves in order to find it.

In both these movies, the lead women stayed true to themselves, and their careers, and the relationships came to them. But one could tell they would do just fine on their own.

Check out these “classics”…not Oscar worthy, but we must support the gals


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