Accessory Exchange Party

Accessory Exchange Party!!!  The Lithe Living in Action!!

So here is how it works: (I have included a sample invitation!!!)

Friends get together in someone’s home, bringing with them accessories (sunglasses, gloves, handbags, scarves, earrings, clutches, belts, watches).

Sort the items by type, and if you have bowls or baskets, that can really help.  Take a rope and string along a wall for scarves, and simple signs, such as evening bags here kind keep things sort of organized.

Encourage the ladies to bring some fruit, snacks, some wine, or whatever strikes their fancy!!  Lithe Living means don’t make it complicated and enjoy what is shared.

Have a set start and stop time, say 7-9pm or 3-5pm

Let your friends know the more the merrier

Have a plan in mind for what to do with un-taken items- my suggestion is to donate to Dress for Success, a program that helps women get back into the work force,(totes, scarves, watches) or Princess Project, (evening bags, things with bling) a program that donates dresses to girls for Proms, or the like.  Almost every city has a shelter or program that would love nice accessories for the women.  Ask about a battered women’s shelter.  And with that thought, ask your ladies to bring good clothing they no longer wear, but that would be great for women in need.  Shoes, those are iffy, so ask the place you are donating to if they take shoes.  Let guests know where untaken items will be going.

At the end of the party, enlist your guests, in the true spirit of Lithe Living, to help you organize the donations, and perhaps even be willing to drop!!

This simple event can benefit so many, from the guests, who share what they no longer want or use, and who can find something they will use, to the women of all ages who will receive donations of much needed items.  Also, getting together is always fun!!!

I have found that some people take more then they bring, that’s fine, they still haven’t embraced Lithe Living yet, but more often then not, people take fewer items, especially if you encourage, through your invitation that items will be donated, that people are very generous.

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