Downsize Gym- Voted Best Gym to Drop the Pounds

Downsize, a new gym franchise geared toward people who need/want to lose 50 pounds or more…I love this!!

Listening to NPR the other day, I heard a report on a new gym called Downsize. In order to join, you must want to lose 50plus pounds. Most of the staff are former members who were able to lose weight at Downsize through exercise, nutrition counseling, health guidance, and being around like minded people. Only about three years old, the program has had great success helping participants reach their goals, short and long term.

Why are these gyms needed? According to the members, many felt unwelcome at traditional gyms, that the equipment was working for larger people and the staffs, though usually kind and caring, didn’t have much experience with people who were off a certain size. Its sad that these people felt uncomfortable and that they felt they needed to lose weight even before stepping for into a “regular” exercise facility. I wish it wasn’t so. I am glad that the founder of Downsize, Francis Wisniewski, created his program, so those that really want to create a more lithe self have an amazing, safe, supportive, and welcoming space to find a create community in.

There is a bit of debate of the “segregation” this might appear to create, that “fat” people shouldn’t have to hide themselves in a separate gym. I say, whatever works, then go for it!! If people feel the need for a more welcoming, private space as they embark on their journey to health and fitness, that is their choice and I am glad they have such a place. And members of other gyms need to be much more welcoming and supportive of ALL members of their gyms, no matter their size or fitness levels, as well as the staff getting more training.

So to Downsize, congratulations of being named Best Gym to Lose Weight At, by Shape Magazine!!

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