Vain? What does that even mean

I received a message from my biggest fan today. She called me vain. Vain because I care about my health and appearance? “She” (I assume it’s a she, but one never knows) apparently was commenting on my post about turning 53. In that post I talked about getting my veins done (the pun isn’t lost on me, but I don’t think my fan is that clever themselves). I also talked about getting older and how that feels, and how I am pushing back against time and gravity.

Every birthday is a reminder that time is passing quickly and we should all do our best to be better, stronger, healthier, and lither each and every year.

I take pride in how hard I am working: on my brain, on my body, on my spirit, on my health, and yes, on my appearance.

If some people don’t get it, well, I feel sad for them. I will never, however, be discouraged by them.

Whenever I go out with my husband or friends, we shower, dress up a bit, put on clothes that make us feel good, and yes, take pride in how we look. I see people in the aisles at the pharmacy picking out shampoos and eyeliner. There must be a hundred people in my Zumba class. Are they all vain, or do they just want to feel and look healthier and better? Is that vanity?

Is it vanity to share some of the things I have done to be a better me? Is it vanity to say how great it was to get my varicose veins lasered so I would not have pain in my legs? It is vanity to talk about taking care of the outside of the body, and the inside? Is it vanity to care about oneself?

I have seen so many women who have given up on themselves. On how they look, and giving up on outward appearances is a sign one has given up on the inside, in the heart. For years it was always all about my daughters, which I don’t regret for a moment, but it’s been nice to take that energy and focus on me once again.

My mother is 76, and she takes pride in herself. The ladies at the gym, no matter their age, I see them in the locker room, checking their hair, weighing themselves, putting on their new swimsuits, talking about how they are feeling after their water aerobics class, putting on makeup and pretty clothes. Are they vain, because they care about themselves? No they are AWESOME.

So to my readers, I love you all and take care of yourselves in how ever way that works for you

Lithely Yours


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