Turning 53? You Betcha! Pushing Back Against Time and Gravity

I am turning 53 in a couple of weeks. It is on of the most unglamorous ages ever. The number itself isn’t that attractive. It seems hard and unapproachable and just blah. It is like turning 27, inching toward a major birthday, 30, but not so close it means anything.

I find myself checking out internet blogs for people over 60 now. The novelty of turning 50 has worn off a bit. Not that I mind being “in my fifties”, I like it actually, it just now the birthdays seem sort of, well here comes another one. The Big Five O was such a momentous celebration, half century mark and all that, now birthdays are just another even starker reminded I am “on the other side”.

As a woman of a certain age, I am loving life. My friends are mostly around the same age, with many in their 60s. Seeing how young one can appear and feel and act at 60plus gives me assurance I can be even more fab and lithe as I age.

It does take a lot more work to look good,that is for sure. Some may think, oh its kind of shallow to be concerned about wrinkles, dry skin, old scars and one should just accept who and what you are. I am of the school that if you can make it better, why not give it a go.

I have grey hair, but I don’t choose to be grey. (Some women look amazing, I just look tired). I cream and lotion my skin, coconut oil goes on my scars (raccoon battles with my dog), I do ab workouts, I run, I dress for my shape and work to keep my posture strong.

I have seen a “face lady” periodically and had botox done on my chin frown lines. Best thing I ever did. I looked cranky and mad all the time. Had some varicose veins lasered as well. That was more for pain than for cosmetic reasons, but it made a huge difference for how I looked at myself. I hadn’t worn shorts in years, sadly, and now, even though my legs have a few scars, I show them off proudly.

I am all for aging gracefully, but that doesn’t mean surrendering to time and gravity. Push back a bit, don’t look older than you are. Look at the fabulous people a decade ahead of you and use them as roll models on living lithe.

I will never again look like I did at thirty, nor would I want to, but I do want to feel good, so I am treating my body the best I can. Eating well, exercising, taking care of the surface and the insides. Its imperative that we get even more focused as we age, hopefully we will all be around for a long while.

I have a 25 year old BMW. Engine and motor and all the important parts are fine, we maintain those, however the parts we interact with- door handles, windows, door frames are indeed a bit worse for the wear. New years plan is to fix the “cosmetic” and inconvenient broken bits, so for one, it won’t get worse, and two, it will be a much more pleasant car to drive. We need to treat our bodies at least as well as we treat our cars, better I would hope!!

Look for a groupon deal for a facial, or sauna treatment. Dance the night away. Stretch. Dress up for dinner just because you want to. Wear eyeliner and lipstick. Sign up for a 5 or 10k. Walk along the beach. Clean your desk at work. Soak your feet in warm bubbly water. Make some fresh juice.

And no matter what birthday you have coming up, do something just for your body. Treat it well, keep it looking and feeling strong and lithe.

In lithe ness


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