Keeping at it and ignoring the negative nellies, and don’t be a negative nellie yourself

Keeping at it and ignoring the negative nellies

There are people in our lives, in our spheres, who like nothing more than to be negative. They don’t feel good about themselves, so they try and disparage others.

We need to ignore them, it’s easier said than done, as they often say things to try and draw you into a conversation or fight.

I have a neighbor who is like that, he will say something “helpful”, then suddenly start lashing out. Several residents of nearby blocks have had incidents with him. The police and neighborhood watch group have told people not to engage with him, not to respond, not to reply, not to even acknowledge he has said anything. But if you are fearful, yell loudly to him to get away, and call the police.

With the other creepy people around us, we don’t need to call the police, hah, but we do need to ignore them, not engage, don’t react, and remember that it rarely is about you. Their snarky words reflect more on them than on you.

If it’s someone you need to not be rude to or you have to deal with in a professional, personal, or social manner, you can always, say, “that’s a thought” or “that’s interesting” or “really, that hadn’t occurred to me” or some such response to acknowledge they said something, but not agreeing to. It’s a way of dealing with a snarky person without escalating the exchange. Or deal with relatives who are always in your business.

If you find yourself being a “negative nellie”, bite your tongue. If it’s a wild dream someone is telling you about, find a way to be positive or at least not disparaging of someone else’s plans. There will always be something positive to say, unless of course it is something awful and cruel. If its something terrible, like starting a puppy mill, its okay to tell them its horrid to even consider that. But if its something a bit farfetched, like wanting to start a hot balloon riding business, then ask questions and say, well that sounds awesome!!!

With the internet, its easy and anonymous to knock down other people, but it’s better to be supportive and friendly. Why not say something nice about what someone has shared? Why the need to troll? On forums, it seems there are trolls galore who’s sole purpose it seems is to create drama, rile people up, and upset people with nothing really to add to the discussion.

If you find people like this in your life, find a way to ignore their words, their harshness and their negative-ness, either by ignoring them or brushing them off. And if you find yourself being negative, ask why and if your adding to the conversation is for the benefit of others or just to blow smoke and prove some point. Don’t get caught up in a sort of one-up-man-ship with other posters, or commenters. Step back. Breath. If you feel the need to respond, do so to yourself first and see how it sounds. Is it worth the energy? It rarely is.

If you are on the receiving end of negativeness trust in yourself that you are worthy, and if you feel the need to be negative, count to ten, step back, decide it its something you really want to proceed with. Don’t waste time and energy on getting into snarky discussions. Defend what is right and good, that is where your energy is needed!!

Yours in positiveness


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