Poop and More Poop!!

Poop!! Yes Poop!!

Just watched a great British show called Diets That Time Forgot (more about the whole show and experiment later), but one part struck me as graphically honest, funny, and actually very useful and helpful.

Part of the diet was checking on the health of the residents, and that included checking their feces. Asking how often they went, ease, texture, the whole shebang.
At one point, the participants were given a bed pan and had to bring down the “samples” for the staff to check out. The show actually showed the contents, and discussed them. One lady only pooped once a week!! That is so bizarre, and she thought was normal! She didn’t realize how unhealthy that is. It gave the participants the chance to learn about what happens to the food, and for them more often then not it was junk food, and their digestive tracks.

In the next scene, they brought out pig intestines that still had food, fecal matter, and something I can only describe as sludge. It was pretty gross, but enlightening. Then, two of the most clogged up people were sent for a colonic, something I have done and loved. They were amazed at the difference they felt and they soon were able to properly “go”.

There was a great book called Gulp, http://www.maryroach.net/gulp.html
that discusses how food goes through the body, and how to stay healthy and heal yourself. There was also another British show, You Are What You Eat, that now has a companion book, http://www.gillianmckeith.com/you-are-what-you-eat-2/. Both these books talk about what goes in as well as what comes out, and how all that comes to pass. Tyra Banks did a whole show on poop.

I am no doctor, but I think there are some basic assumptions that can be made about how often, consistency, smell, etc of ones poop, and its important to pay attention. One woman was constipated for years but was to embarrassed to tell her doctor. Many people with chronic diarehar are dehydrated, mal-nourished, and have damaged their organs.

Here are some basics for maintaining healthy bowel movements. (If you have bad poops for any length of time, it’s a sign you might need to see a doctor, change up your diet, drink more water, eat less junk food)

Your poop should be banana shaped and solid. Little pellets are not ideal and may be a sign of not enough water. Depending on your food intake, you may poop twice a day or once every other day. Play attention and if you have to strain or it comes out to fast, then its time to get a medical check up. That is not normal. Fiber is important to healthy bowel movements and do not be embarrassed to talk to your doctor, be honest. What comes out of the body can be indicative to what’s happening inside.

When our children were babies, it was all about the “what’s in the diaper talk”, as adults we need to monitor it the same way. Check out the shows I mentioned and the books, they are gentle reminders to take care of your insides!!

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