Dance Everyday and other simple resolutions

We are all up to HERE with New Years Resolution discussion, but that’s just because it probably makes us feel that we should be doing more (or less) in our lives.

I have one couple who have vowed to go to everything they are invited to. That could stress out some and bring much joy to others. If you ask someone, they will either hem and haw about the changes they want to make, or have a whole plan all set up.

I am going to list some “resolutions” that I think would benefit everyone. I know we all have different life styles, budgets, family situations, but I hope these suggestions help everyone have a happier, healthier more lithe 2014:

Less Meat, period. Share courses, ask for smaller portions, find ways to eat less meat-chicken pork, beef, lamb, even some fish, meat should be the smallest portion on your plate

More Veggies and Fruit, yes this is a DUH one, but it is something you need to be mindful of every day

Once a week, go vegan, good for the systems, personal and universal, you will find you don’t need cheese or enjoy the almond butter or milk

Do not buy chips, soda, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, (yes some may still have young kids, but try and steer them away from these and other disgusting “foods”, or only bring out on very special occasions. I never have potatoes chips or cola in my house except for birthday parties.

No bread before dinner when eating out, its bread. If it is AMAZING bread or the sauce is TO DIE FOR, then sure sample it, but be aware

More water, another DUH, but its amazing how dehydrated people are

More moving in any way you can:
Bag your own groceries
Park further away
Walk up and down the escalator, don’t just stand there
Walk stairs whenever possible, even just an extra couple of flights a day add up and soon you can do more
Stand at computer

Dance Everyday
Play Music Everyday
Sing Everyday
Stretch Everyday

Say Thank You more often
Compliment someone Everyday

Wash your face every night and use night cream (doesn’t have to be pricey) Whatever you put on your face, put on neck and back of hands

Soak your feet in warm water with bath salts or oatmeal or such once a week

Whatever exercising you are doing, step it up, plank longer, ten more jumping jacks, add in the rowing machine, walk an extra two blocks

Limit yourself to two reality shows, admit that watching other peoples’ lives shouldn’t take up more time than your own

Let yourself be free, and don’t concern yourself with what other people might think

And for today, jump up and touch the sky!!

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