Mental, Eye, and Heart Candy

Mental, Eye, and Heart Candy

Scott Adams New Book: How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

I am really enjoying reading this book. It is a charming, fun, smart look at “success” and how to find it, and what it means to succeed. Good for anyone needing to kick start their life.

Vitamins and Supplements:

The new studies about their “effectiveness” and the controversy surrounding an editorial. Basic result is it is better to get our vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from food. It is one of the aspects in our lives we should not take short cuts. A handful of unsalted nuts, some lime juice in our water, kale; our bodies will process food in a much more efficient way. We shouldn’t use pills to keep healthy if we can help it. Just my two cents.

Just posting these pictures because they are imaginative, pretty, clever, smart and other worldly.

Website Find of the Day

Love her collection, great prices, organized well, and wonderful items!! I love just exploring the clothes. I was watching Project Runway when they were doing designs for Bonnie and Clyde (30s) and the comment from a judge was “that reminds me too much of the 20s”. I would hazard a guess that not many were buying new fashions during the depression, so yes, many items would have been worn into the next decade. The stupidity irked me. This website is just pretty to peruse, and I actually bought my daughter an amazing vintage blazer for a price less than H&M.

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