Trolls Under The Bridge

I read a lot of editorials, articles, and blogs. What is it with trolls? They are like the people on the streets who scream at the world, looking for attention. Do these posters leaving nasty, pointless, crictical comments have nothing better to do with their time? I have one of those. Seems this commenter just wants to say rude things to me.

After several comments from the same person, I wondered how I should react, if at all. Some suggestions were to kill them with kindness, thank them for reading my blog, but most were to just ignore and delete. There is something so freeing about hitting delete, that I don’t even read this “persons” remarks any more. I don’t care what they have to say.

And I don’t need to thank some random person who doesn’t appreciate what I have to share, just because they read it. It would be like thanking some one for kicking me in the shin. I suppose I could debate them and argue my points, defendmg myself, but why bother.

We all have critics in our lives. Those critics in your life deserve none of your attention. They are not worthy of your focus. They don’t matter. When I was in highschool I had the typical mean girls experience. It was rough. Trolls are like those high school and middle school bullies, just looking for attention and trouble. Really quite sad.

It’s not always easy dealing with toxic people, and even the most successful people have had toxic sludge thrown at them. But shaking it off, not letting get under your skin, and knowing it’s not really about you, and remembering you don’t need everyone’s approval is really quite liberating.

If you are face to face with a real life troll, remember they don’t have any power unless you give it to them. If you can disarm them with charm or wit, that is amazing. Or say, I must have misunderstood what you just said. If someone makes snarky remarks about how you look, use the southern ladies trick of replying, well, isn’t thst sweet!

Strangers comments are just that, strange comments. If they say something mean, ignore them. If they say spmething nice, say why thank you!

Everyone has trolls in their lives, so we should do our best to say wonderful, complimentary, kind, and helpful words to others. That person you treat kindly may have just dealt with a troll in some way, and your kindness can help them shake of the sludge. But there is no need to be nice to trolls, they are unworthy.

To the trolls out there, you are irrelevant, and thank goodness the internet has a trash file. In fact, double deleting is doubly freeing.

Take care and be kind


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