A Few Great Websites to Check Out

I have two lovely daughters, one works for ABC News, and my other is a photography assistant who also has her own blog and is starting her own business.

Her blog, CaraMarieMcLaughlin Blog is very inspiring. I love looking at the pictures, and she motivates me to eat better, get my sleep, work out, and be of the world.

When I peruse the internet, I find the most amazing websites run by women. From Corporette.com (for young women in the business world) to over50feeling40.com (a style blog about strength, confidence, and joy) to nerdgirls.org (for women in engineering fields) to wearewatermark.org (for female in the workforce). Women are out there finding more ways to connect and help each other and it is awesome. Both my daughters have benefitted greatly from the wisdom of other women.

For so many years, centuries, women had no choice in who created the content of magazines and advertisements, in editorials and movies. It was a man’s world, they controlled the media. Sure, there were some female editors and newspaper owners, a few heads of corporations, but never enough. The internet allows for the female voice to be heard, and its important that we support that voice.

Here area few more of my favorite sites:

http://runningstartonline.org/ working to bring young women into politics



http://www.85broads.com/ “Through our events, we connect women across industries
and generations, giving them the tools they need to be
more successful in their careers “

http://www.blogher.com/ collection of great blogs


http://www.womentowomen.com/ health

http://caramclaughlin.blogspot.com/ a bit of everything!!

And in true lithe fashion, let others do the work


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