Hokey Dress? I Think Not…Its Fab

Someone sent me a comment, after seeing the picture of me in my holiday dress, calling it “hokey” and wondering why I bothered to post it in my “advice” blog.

I posted that picture because I wanted to show who I am, putting a face to the words. I also wanted to show that you don’t have to be cookie-cutter, that if some piece of clothing makes you happy, then go ahead a wear it. Put on those cowboy boots, wear the poncho, if those bell bottoms still fit, then go for it.

I remember when I was younger, I wore whatever I wanted, and didn’t much care what other people thought. Then, I had kids, and my priorities and weight shifted. It just became about my daughters, and that was good. I wore practical clothes, had my “uniforms’, and really didn’t focus on me much.

Now that its ‘My Time” again, I want to have fun, and part of having fun is dressing fun. How many times do we go to event and dress as expected?

When I talk about Lithe Living, it doesn’t mean living a boring life, it doesn’t mean dressing in the same old clothes all the time, it doesn’t mean doing what every one else is doing or being “meme”-like. It means simplifying where you can, organizing for your day-to-day life, and it also means treating yourself, finding what works for you, and remembering who you are.

I have always loved the vintage style dresses, whether they be wiggle, swing, or mod. I have also discovered that I like to wear dresses when I go out. Much of my day is in my home office, at the gym, walking my dogs, or running errands for my husband’s business. Being able to wear something “hokey” or channeling Bonnie Parker is fun!! It can be done in a classy, easy, and charming way that brings smiles.

I just finished reading a book written by someone who loves corsets and Victorian Clothes. It’s her passion. At first, she felt bad and sad when people made snarky comments, but then she realized she was getting far more smiles than frowns. I am taking her lessons to heart. Whenever I see women, especially those over sixty, who are dressed in clothes the obviously love, like the woman I saw in her classic channel with matching pearls, my heart just fills with love for them. They are going to wear whatever they want, dressing up, whenever they want.

I can’t spend time worrying about what someone else thinks. I love being different, and I love having fun with my “going out” clothes. I like to wear things that flatter, are easy, and yes, dresses are easier than skirts and tops, and I like to dress up for my husband.

So, if you see some who has put some thought and effort into their attire, and you like it, tell them so!! Add to their joy and you will also have your own smile. And if you see something you don’t like, well, it’s none of your business. Keep it zipped!!

Lithe is about joy


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