Why I Love the Pin Up Vibe

Why I Love the Pin Up Vibe

I love the whole Pin Up Girl aesthetic. I don’t quite have the hourglass figure, but that doesn’t stop me from going for that feel in my clothes, hair, make up and presentation.

There is something so strong and yet feminine about the style. It’s not just about the clothes. It is also about the control and confidence exuded from women wearing the Pin Up fashion style. They choose to show off their bodies, but in generally pretty classy ways. It’s not about overt flashy sexiness. Sure you can wear the high heels, but you can wear the low heels as well. The clothes can either be fitted at the hips, or have that lovely swing skirt.

I like that the women of various sizes can rock the clothes. I like that the colors can be subtle or over the top. I love that you can mix and match with other vintage pieces. And it does not need to look like a costume, especially when you own the look

When I first wore a wiggle dress, I wasn’t so sure my body was ready for such a form fitting dress. But the confidence I got wearing it made me love my body even more. Sure, one shouldn’t only count on clothes for confidence and power, but I say anything that makes you feel amazing is something you need to cover you skin with.

When looking for your own style, be brave. Go vintage, go modern, go safari, go preppy, go coco, go hippie, and have fun. Making a statement on your outside, will for sure enhance your insides!!


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