Lithe Living Old School Hacks for Organizing Passwords, Files and Records

We are all pretty much electronic now for our organizing, but if we lose our phone, have no power, are away from home, its good to have back up. I use an old fashioned Rolodex. Every insurance account, every credit card account, every time I sent up an online account, it gets a card in the Rolodex. I write in the company, ie Target, and the password I use, along with their customer service number.I use a Rolodex because its easy to change up data like get a new card or new password, just write up a new card! And in an emergency, I can just grab Rolodex and go, it has all my information and it works better than an address book.

I also take photocopies of all credit cards, passports, insurance cards, front and back, for my two daughters, my husband, and my mother. If anyone’s credit card is lost or stolen, we can just pull the copy and all the information is right there. If someone forgets their insurance card, I can just send them a picture with the account numbers. I am working on getting my daughter’s frequent flyer numbers so if I have to book a flight, I have all information I need. The Rolodex is the best system I have found. Easy to flip through, easy to change up data, and easy for others to use.

In the file with the copies of credit cards, etc, I keep copies of everyone’s drivers license, car insurance cards, registrations, passports, voided check, information on employees. I have a metal box near my computer with that file and in an emergency, with passports, extra keys, it also has $200 in ones. I can toss Rolodex into box and go.

After seeing the floods, the tornadoes, I wanted to remind people how important it is to have your files, and not count just on the internet or your phone. Having paper records can be very handy. And it doesn’t even have to be a major event. For instance, when I was in NYC, my dog bolted from the dog walker and they couldn’t find him. I had created a section of the Rolodex with “Dog Info”- license numbers, vet numbers, credit card for vet emergencies, friends to call for a “dog emergency”, number for Animal Care and Control, etc. It was then easy for my mother to call everyone and rally the troops.

We also keep plumbers, car repair shop, and whatever other numbers we may need. We can not always count on our mobile devices in emergencies, and looking things up on them drains the power.

Living Lithe means planning well. Planning well means living well.

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