Lithe Advice for the Day-Being Positive

I am sure most of us have read books about being positive, creating what we want, how we want to be and how what we say can manifest itself.

While many don’t buy into things like The Secret, or affirmations, I think there is something to be said for speaking kindly about ourselves.

I have been trying to track how many times a day I was saying something negative about myself and here are some of the most frequent
I feel bloated
I feel tired
I feel frustrated
I feel awful

These are NOT helpful things to repeat to myself all day long. So to break that habit, I am instead doing my best to say positive things or say nothing negative at least:
I am happy
I will figure this out
I had a good workout
I have a good life

By switching out the good for the bad in the simplest of way, verbally reminding myself of the stuff that is right, I feel more awake, more productive, more in tune with the real me.


Every time you think of something or say something negative about yourself, immediately come up with TWO positives to say or think, and if you can say out loud the good stuff. Soon it will be more natural and you will feel a difference.

Next, we move on to the rest of the world!!

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