Why I Am Not Checking My Views, Counts, and Other Blogging Stats

A several weeks ago I discovered how to see how many people viewed this blog, and my polyvore account. I find myself checking it, like some one checking an old answering maching to see if your crush called. If I wasn’t getting as many views as the day before, I questioned myself, and felt bad. Why would I do that to myself?

I don’t just write my Lithe Living blog just to get views and comments. I write it because I love to write, I want to share my ideas best I can, and I hope if it helps a few people, motivates a couple, and gets me thinking, that’s great.

Sure I would hope more people read my posts and share with friends, and take something from them, but I shouldn’t let the number of views affect my mood. And sadly it was!!

So I have promised myself not NOT check my view but once a week. I have even posted a wee note to myself on my computer. I have to remember I am doing this for me, and if it helps others, well, that would be a big giant bonus. It’s reminding me that I don’t need others approval for what I do. And I can’t let quiet days stop my momentum and my drive.

We need to take that into the whole of our lives. Sure, we need to do our best, but we shouldn’t need affirmations from others in order to pursue our passions and new interests. If you love to paint, paint and love it. If others don’t get it, thats okay. If you love to cook, go for it.

And in the reverse, if someone is doing something new, encourage them. Support them and say “Wow that’s awesome!” If you see a post or blog you like, let the writer know. No one should NEED the compliments and thumbs up, but it is always a lovely thing to do. Spend a moment or two to let a person know you appreciate them sharing. Let’ share the good energy.

I remember when my kids were taking gymnastics. The coaches had these belts the girls wore, and the students were supposed to get cloth stars to sew onto the belts when they mastered a move, like cartwheels on the balance beam, back walk over, that kind of thing. The problem was, the coaches were very inconsistent with their assestments, so some girls got stars one week, and the next week, when another girl mastered something, no stars. The whole system was kind of iffy anyway,but throw into the mix young girls, and much drama insued. Girls were crying, getting jealous, comparing stars, and they were 8. This was not supposed to be a hard core program, but somehow, this star system was making it so. After two weeks of my girls loving the actual gymnastics, but hating the belt award system, I told them, if they wanted, leave the belts at home and I would explain to the coaches that they would no longer wear the belts. It was like a weight had been lifted off their tiny shoulders. They loved the idea, and the week after they gave up on getting stars to fill up there elastic belts, several other moms and daughters joined in!! Classes were so much more fun for the girls, they looked forward to classes much more and actually did better!! The girls that were going to be competitive gymnasts were already moving to a more specialized program. The rest of the students actually became friends, and had a much better time. What it taught us all was that not everything needs to be competitive, even with ourselves!!!

It was a lesson I needed to remined myself of. Views were my stars.

It feels freeing not worrying about if I did better then the day before, just knowing I am doing my best is and will be enough

Thank you for taking the time


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