How I Do My Wardrobe Posts and A Sideways Answer to the Mean Commenter (MC) From Yesterday : )

How I Do My Wardrobe Posts and A Sideways Answer to the Mean Commenter (MC) From Yesterday : )

Living Lithe does not mean living without, it means living smart, with joy, and with ease. One important aspect of our lives is how we present ourselves to the world and how we see ourselves. I just started reading a great book called Magical Fashionista on Kindle. It reminded me why I like to look good. (Review on the book soon).

The MC made remarks about how showing “cheap” clothes was not really living lithe, blah blah blah. I let her comments roll off my back, but then thought, maybe I should share how I do my pictures of clothes for my wardrobe and post to my blog: Initially, I was taking pictures of my own clothes, laying them on white fabric, trying to smooth them out and then my dogs would go running through it!! It was taking far too long. So, someone suggested Polyvore, a very simple way to pull together collages of outfits. However, it’s a bit complicated to use your own pictures and blend them with things I have found online, so in true lithe fashion, why re-invent the wheel, and I learned how Polyvore worked, and looked for items that matched mine as best I could. I also tried to find items that weren’t overly priced, especially if you are looking for something fun and trendy. Also, on part of using Polyvore, is that they link the pictures to where the clothes can be purchased, part of the deal for using their software for free. I am not trying to sell anything or advertise anything, just share my ideas.

In one post, I showed a really cute well made flannel top from Target that I just purchased. Living in San Francisco, I will actually get a lot of wear out of it. So when you see my wardrobe collages, realize some are reflective of pieces I already have, some are pieces I covet, and some are pieces I am planning on adding to my recently cleansed closet.

I also shop vintage stores, goodwill, etsy, etc, but as I said, sometimes taking pictures of my own items is difficult, and so in true living lithe fashion, I use what’s already there. One other thing about my wardrobe, what I don’t wear gets donated, what I do wear that gets old, gets relegated to gym wear, dog walking clothes, craft projects, or sewing experiments, all truly Lithe practices!!

Happy Tuesday


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