Just Received a Really Mean Comment and Here Are My Thoughts

I posted a piece a while back about “classic trendy” clothes, and someone just sent me a really harsh comment. I was going to respond on my blog to her nasty sad remarks, defending and explaining myself, but I decided not to. Instead, in the spirit of Litheness, I will take a bit of time to think if and when I decide respond, as I don’t want to sink to her level of name calling and rudeness.

I needed to remember that this person has no power or influence over me, that I control my mood, my words are my own, and if someone doesn’t like them, sure they can comment, but I don’t need to let it hurt my feelings or worry about some stranger’s snarkiness.

Lithe Living means letting go and not taking to heart what other people think, so long as you are doing your best, being kind, and true to yourself.

So if you have someone “judging you”, try and let it go. Its tough, you question yourself, you wonder, you want to jump in and defend your words and actions, but there is no need. Some strange angry person posting ugly words on the web do not deserve responses nor attention. Before responding, move the mean words to a place you can’t see it or just delete and ignore. If you really feel you need to respond, give it a day, there is no rush to answer. If you really need to get it out of your system, type up something and save the draft. The next day, you will realize you couldn’t be bothered to spend any energy on that person.

So now, I am going to delete that comment, I am going to spray a bit of perfume in the air to soften the space around me, and I am going to have a glass of water with fresh lemon, a kind of cleansing and bringing positive-ness back into my space.

Lithely Yours,


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