My Belly Belies Me and How I am Fighting Back

Yesterday, I ran three miles, did bodyworks class for 45 minutes, then Zumba for 45 minutes. What’s interesting is I wasn’t tired for any of them. Sure my feet wore sore, though I did wear the proper shoes, I almost felt I had peaked. I know several women who do the same thing, take two or three classes in a row. Watching them, I see they are giving it their all in each class, often being the most energetic in each class. One lady does spinning, then weights training, the dance class. She must be 45. She has hit that manic menopause moment, where you work out like a dog just to maintain. She looks awesome, is strong, she maybe feel like I do- that while strong inside, our outside, the skin, does not show it.

I have several friends “of a certain age” who also work out like crazy, look and feel great, except for one nagging “problem”- our belly “fat” and our thighs. We eat well, we dress well, our butts are firm and strong, our arms no longer have that bingo arm flesh, but we are having the damndest time with lose skin around the mid-drift.

I have been trying different methods to tighten that skin, something I know only bothers me, but I am determined. Last summer, I was at the beach with friends, and their daughters. Not to sound snarky, but I KNOW I am much better condition and fitness level than some of those young ladies, yet, their stomachs looked smooth. My stomach was flatter, yet…it irked me that no matter how many crunches I do, how much weight I have lost, how well I eat, my stomach gives my age away more than anything else does.

After massaging lotion on it every day, while massaging the flesh, I wear a tummy trainer that reminds me to keep up my posture. I do a variety of waist “trimming” exercises (yes I know there is no “spot reduction”, but adding extra in can’t hurt). I am careful not to do exercises that build up the sides of the waist, that can give one a boxy look. I have researched pin-up girl exercises, and add those in. Lots of twists, hula hoop, hip turning and shaking, and above all dancing.

My friend is in the same boat, she is buff, but her tummy is, in her words, “revolting”- not staying or keeping up with the program. She is considering a tummy tuck to get rid of the extra skin. I say, go for it!! Worth every penny. When researching tummy skin issues after weight loss, the basic mantra is “Give it time”. It’s been four years, and I am done with giving it time!!

I have decided, what ever I do to take care of my face, I have going to do the same to my stomach- exfoliate, stomach mask, massage, lotions, firm creams- sure, I will use up my face creams faster, but its worth a shot. There is a local chinese masseuse who I bet would give me a good stomach rub to get the juices flowing. Haven’t read anything that says its bad, so why not.

I wonder if I could talk him into a derriere massage to help with that skin, but that’s a story for another day!!

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Ps- Don’t get me wrong, I really love my body, I appreciate all it does for me. Just this one area bugs me, and I figure everything I do for my body, is good for me!!

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