Don’t Give Up- keep on dancing even with two left feet

During Zumba class, a woman arrived late. I noticed her because she looked unsure and as the class was crowded, she didn’t know where to stand. I made some room, and waved her into the newly opened floor space. Now you need to know a bit about this Zumba class to appreciate why I felt sad that this woman left after about fifteen minutes, like she was embarrassed or not good enough for the class.

Zumba on Saturday mornings at the Y-s gym has at least one hundred students in the big basketball court sized gym. Ages range from 12 to 90, I swear. Every size you can imagine, every fitness level, every sex, every race, creed, and nationality (it is San Francisco, after all). All these women, and a few men, are just moving to the music, following along as best they can. Sure, some really have the moves and the “latin” rhythm, while most of us just do our best, while having a blast. Some people move all over the place, out of sync, but they are having a blast. What made me sad, peeking at the new student, giving her an encouraging smile, was that she felt so uncomfortable in her own skin. She didn’t want to look “bad”. She seemed afraid of making a mistake and didn’t want to just let go and enjoy. If this lovely lady had taken a moment and looked around her, and noticed many people were making “mistakes” and didn’t have the “moves” but were smiling and really enjoying their workout anyway.

To that lovely lady: Come Back!! Give it a chance and don’t stress. The more you do it, the easier it gets, but no matter what you think you look like, just Zumba…I promise no one is paying any mind if you are out of sync or lost or just doing the twist. Just work it!!

Love you ladies of Zumba


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