Think Before You Ink

I see more and more women of a certain age with Tattoos. At one point I considered getting one, but as I could never settle on which cute hummingbird or sea horse I wanted, I didn’t take the plunge. I got to thinking about doing something so permanent to my body, and something message that was of the moment, but would stay with me forever and knowing how bored I get with same ole same ole, I gave up the idea.

After seeing my daughter’s friends message on her ribs that was to remind her of her near death from anorexia, from the ashes one will rise, I wondered if I would want such a reminder of such a scary, difficult time, a kind of scar of my own making.

I have always loved seahorses, and tweety bird, and thought, hmmm, wouldn’t a wee yellow cartoon character be cute on my….then I couldn’t decided where.

A few months back, I got to thinking about messages we leave, whether on our tombstones, our cars via bumper stickers, yearbook quotes. Think about your yearbook quotes. At the time it was a huge deal~did you go serious, did you go mushy, did you go corny, did you go funny, did you go message only your BFFs would get? After the book came out, did you love your quote or were you going WHAT WAS I THINKING? Looking at the words decades later, do they mean anything or are they a reminder of youthful silliness? If you had to write on now, what would you say and would it be just as weird ten years from now?

For me, tattoos are like yearbook quotes, at the time they seem clever and meaningful or cute and funny, but would I want those words inked into my skin forever…

So if you are thinking of inking, (see that could be a good tat) get a temporary one of what you are thinking about, or draw something on your body similar in permanent marker. Do you love it or do you think, like me, the novelty will wear off and I will be stuck with Pepe La Pew on my hip.

Inking and year book quotes are forever, so really think before you ink.

Lithely yours


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