Check out this lady and her dancing walking exercise routine. Now she is my hero!!

Litheness, Dancing, and Lightness at any age

I love when I can get to the gym and take the Y-Workout Dance exercise class. It is designed as a basic aerobic style workout for beginners and seniors. The ladies who run the class are not what you would call ideal physical specimens for exercise instructors, but they more than make up for it in energy, passion, and smiles. What I love about the class is watching the ladies (and a few men), fifty at least in each class, having so much fun dancing. I would bet these classes are the only times many of the senior ladies get to dance, and boy do they love to dance. My favorite is this woman, who must be 75plus, dressed in a short dance skirt, top with fridge and low cut sports top to show off her decoutage just dancing away in the back, shaking her hips, doing the twist, and just having a blast. She never stops. I have seen her in Zumba as well, and she just makes me smile. The other ladies in the class, average age is about 65, from 40 up to 85, all have different physical fitness capabilities, but all work hard, dance hard, and have fun. Some have bad backs, some have new hips, some have arthritis, diabetes, and many other “afflictions” but it doesn’t seem to stop them from coming to the Y and getting their blood flowing to some rock and roll.

These girls, and I call them girls with the utmost admiration, look sharp, dress sharp, have a twinkle in their eyes and a spark in their being. There are also a couple of older dudes who don’t have the moves of the ladies, but they certainly have the spunk and spirit. What’s so great about these classes is that you can be any weight, any shape, dress any way and there is no judgment, just encouragement. If you can’t do the moves, no matter, just keep moving. And whatever your life circumstance is, taking care of someone, living alone, sharing a home with family, living in assisted living, for an hour two or three days a week, people can just dance.

I hope that in 30 years I am still rocking out or doing the samba in Zumba class the way these wonder women do. They are going to keep dancing and kicking up their heels until they can’t, and even if the muscles get slower, the knees a bit weaker, the rhythm will keep drawing these dancers to the gym.

Living lithe means finding ways to live lightly, and if you can’t get out to a club and dance, then go to the gym, dance with your dogs, dance on your walk, not worry if anyone is looking, if anything, you will give them a bit of joy in their day.

Check out this lady and her dancing walking exercise routine. Now she is my hero!!

Lithe stepping


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