Classical Trendy Attire

Classical Trendy, Trendy Classics?
Trendy, Classic, Flannel!!

Yes there are some things that are classic AND trendy and at one point in your life you wore something you adored, but over time, you thought, oh they are out of fashion, or they are too young looking.

An example is flannel shirts. They have been around for over a century, pretty much staying the same, and every few decades, they come back into “fashion”. Think grunge and Seattle, flannel shirts were everywhere. I had worn them back in high school, years before Eddie Vetter and Pearl Jam, and Nirvana revitalized the flannel industry. It was the antidote to tacky disco fashion, which I also loved. (Parts of disco style has come back, yeah!!) Flannel attire is at once a classic and trendy look, with its core wearers never giving it up and then suddenly flannel is again on the runway.

Plaid is another classic that comes and goes, from school girls uniforms to Alexander McQueen’s designer couture. From everyday school wear to trendy office skirts, plaid ebbs and flows in fashion for centuries. Riding boots, maxi skirts, white t-shirts, chuck all stars, fitted tweed blazers, elbow patches, berets, sequins, animal prints, chokers, corduroy, blue jean jackets, pencil skirts, these are all styles that have been around for seemingly ever, and yet, one of them will “come back into fashion” periodically.

We all have favorites we wore years ago and are gleeful when we see them once more in the stores and in the magazines, as a kind of affirmation of our tastes. Why should we give up wearing something we love just because it has “gone out of style”.

I stopped wearing flannel, despite its softness and comfort, because I thought after my 20s I needed to switch things up and go more corporate. That didn’t mean I needed to give up on my flannel. I just went to target and bought myself the cutest black, white and grey flannel button down shirt, and I can’t wait to blend it into my wardrobe!! I picked classic simple colors, knowing I will and can mix it with a blue or pink sweater, colored jeans or a black dress.

It is going to be one of my go too pieces when I travel to colder climates, its not too thick to layer over a tank top or under a blazer. I am thrilled to see flannel back, just so I could buy a couple of inexpensive shirts. And in the spring, when the supply of flannel disappears I will be happy I was able to get the classic pieces back into my closet while they were trendy!!

So, when the classics become trendy, and if you need to add something to your wardrobe, go and grab your retro-pieces. The trick is to buy the pieces in classic colors, not trendy ones, like blue and red, instead of neon yellow and orange for flannel, and red colored jeans not hot pink or florescent green, those are only ever trendy and never classic. Save those colors for cheap tshirts or scarves. But wear a great plaid or maxi skirt proudly, no matter what is “of the moment”, embrace the classic trendy pieces you love and never let them go.

Yours lithely


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