Find and Share Joy Everyday

Find and Share Joy Everyday

Every day I try and compliment someone I don’t know. Yesterday, I saw an older lady (80s) at the mall, dresses super sharp and chic. A tweed Chanel (or Chanel type) suit, Cuban heeled shoes, great hairstyle and cute little bag. I couldn’t NOT compliment her ensemble and the smile on her face showed me it wasn’t unappreciated. I go out of my way to say thank you, and hey, great hat. If I am on the phone dealing with vendors or customer service I try and remember to let them know they were helpful. (Okay, so I can get cranky on the phone, but I try and at least say sorry and always let them know I understand it’s not their fault.)

Complimenting and thanking someone “just because” is a marvelous thing. It makes every feel good, can take the edge off a day, can show their effort was worth it, and that they are appreciated.

If you see something that makes you smile, if you can say something!! Tell the store staff you like the music, that you think the window display rocks, that you like the shoes, that their dog is adorable or that thanks for the great bus ride!! I have actually sent in a note to our local transit bus company, complimenting one of their drivers who was really great.

People hear negative all day, and even one nice thing can brighten an otherwise icky day. We can’t always do a good dead, though we should always try, but no matter how busy or rushed we are, we can spare a moment and say looking good!! Thanks, you were really helpful!!

Look around you, look up from your phone or kindle, and everyday, find someone you can compliment or say thank you to. Just that activity will brighten your day. And if you have lost it and been snarky or crabby, double up on the niceness to others. You and they will feel great!!

Yours in Litheness


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