Living Life Smartly minimal!! And how I much I love my Ipad Mini

Ipad Mini!!

I have been reading many blogs, books, websites on how to go more minimal in your life and home and closet, and a common bit of advice is to purge what you don’t currently use. Not the winter coat or summer flip flops, but items that aren’t part of your normal everyday life or normal future plans.

I see some minimalist proponents who say just keep a couple of pans, five pairs of shoes, only dishes you use daily, etc. I understand they are truly embracing the less is more lifestyle and mind set, that if you have less stuff you have less to take care of and it can be freeing. While I agree, to a certain extent, I also think having some reasonable cushion of items (extra towels, extra set of sheets, sneakers for different workouts, that tennis racket) can open up possibilities in your life. Friends coming to stay, travel, help for others in an emergency, and being able to postpone having to do something (you spill something and having to immediately wash all your towels because you don’t have a few old ones saved, being able to put up an out off town guest in fresh sheets and blankets, making donations to a neighbor who lost things in a fire.

To be clear I am not taking about hoarding, no one needs 40 pairs of black pants, but having five or six pairs of dark jeans that fit different tops and sweaters, that are for work and play, can save time because you don’t need to worry if something is clean if a fun activity pops up. I have a friend who has exactly three pairs of jeans. All faded, old, baggy. She can afford to by a couple of pairs that flatter her, and relegate the unflattering one to gardening or dog walking attire. To make her life more lithe, she actually needs to ADD a few items. Going into your closet and being able to grab clothes you look and feel good in is important to your mood and well being.

I have been looking around my house and have been getting rid of excess. Relegating old towels to my trunk for soggy dogs, giving old pots and pans to a friend who loves to camp, paring down my raggy jeans to just three pairs of raggy jeans that I am not embarrassed to be seen in, creating my dog walking wardrobe, donating shoes that hurt my feet, etc. But I am also adding in some items, a pair of black cuban healed lace-ups, a black blazer, some new workout gear, some boots that look good but work in the rain, some fresh sheets for company, and my new favorite toy, my Ipad mini!!

I sent my daughter my old Ipad, and went for the mini. It is for my current life, yes, but it is more for my future life. I want to travel more and write more on the go. This little machine does it all and doesn’t fill up my purse. I got a wee keyboard and case for it and it works really well,

I feel this was an investment, like most of the rest of my new acquisitions, in my future endeavors. Right now I am typing in a cafe and my computer isn’t taking over my space. And it doesn’t feel so officey but I can get work done.

My point is when going lithe, go lithe smart. Think about today, but think about what you want to have in your life. Travel more, create that wardrobe, open your home up and possibilities will seem more attainable.Work more, create that work space, get the tools to do it, exercise more, get the right gear, have more company, get the items to need so you can have a dinner on the spur of the moment.

Lithe does not mean not having any choices, it means having smart and easy choices that always work.


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