Glass Galore!! Trying to go lithe but a wee bit of sabotage

Working on my Lithe Home Environment!! Glass Galore

I am still at the point where I say, well maybe I will use this or what if we have another party for thirty people?! I have also allowed my mother (she doesn’t read my blog, go figure, but at least I am free to share my mom pet peeves) to bring in over a hundred pieces of “glass décor” for my home. They are all lovely, and all Goodwill purchases, but it’s just over whelming. She is invested emotionally invested in them, they are a point of pride. While most are really lovely, I wouldn’t miss half of them if they were gone. As my mom knows I am de-cluttering my home, I am going to subtly start moving them around and out. She hasn’t bought me any more, which is good, as there is no more room. I would like to just show the most amazing pieces. As you can see from the pictures, the prettiest ones get lost for the forest of glass. I am going to slowly do some “re-arranging” and hopefully my mom will see the light!!

Wish me luck in my quest for litheness


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