Beige Clothing? Are you serious? An intervention may be needed!!!

Beige Clothing? Are you serious? An intervention may be needed!!!

I love checking out other blogs and one of my favorites is The Vivienne Files. I usually love her combinations of colors, but yesterday, I just couldn’t applaud one of the posts- the worst color beige sweater paired with grays, dark blues, blacks and browns. I know I shouldn’t dis another blogger, but this was something that needs to be nipped in the bud asap.

Beige has to be one of the most unflattering colors on anyone. And today let me get this out of my system and into the ether and share why no one should ever wear beige.

Some call beige a “neutral”…that it is, so neutral its not even a color. Remember that crayon color called “flesh”? Beige is that color, but without the hint of pink.

First it is the worst color for framing the face- it instantly drains any sparkle or glimmer of energy you may have in your eyes, cheeks, lips. It matters not what your skin tone is, beige is blah against them all. Picture Halle Barry in beige, or Nicole Kidman, or Lucy Lui. Not one of them could rock the beige. Now maybe Jennifer Aniston could wear beige because her whole persona is beige, milk toast, drab. Blah beyond words.

I saw a woman wearing a beige scarf and I just thought she had a really bad growth on her neck.. A neighbor wears beige leggings to wash her car, when I see her I have to take a second look to make sure she isn’t naked. Even women of color shouldn’t were beige below the waste. Unless you have perfect skin, no bumps, no ripples, no matter your skin tone, you look awful, at first glance it appears you forgot to dress yourself. Ditto for a beige skirt. Light gray or white or even khaki with a green hue is better than beige. Beige makes the shoulders slump.

Speaking of khakis, unless you are on safari, forget about them. They just look old and drab on anyone. Go for winter white or gray or a bright color of jeans over tan khakis any day.

Another website, had a post about dressing chic, and they too pulled in the beige with black, white, grey, brown, calling it very French and elegant. WHY? Its just safe and dull and frankly dreary, like you have no imagination or daring. Why not wear a soft peach sweater with white pants, or pale blue with black, or mellow yellow with gray?

At least black, white, grey make a statement, while beige and khaki say “I want to blend into the wall or the bushes!!

Today, look in your closet and if you have any beige or khaki, try the pieces on and see how the color looks against your skin. Do you look lovely and vibrant or flat and dreary? Do you feel fresh and clean or dusty and sad? Its time to relegate those pieces to gardening in the back yard, donate them or throw in the rag pile. And if you can’t bear to part with the items, then always wear them with something bright and statement making, like a brightly colored sweater or scarf or a crisp white tshirt. At least that way you look like you care.

Yours in brightness and energy


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