Taking the good with the not so good and saying THANK YOU!!

I just finished reading a book about how to relate to men. The basic gist is that men are not hairy women, they are not complicated and they show affection and caring in different ways than women do. But there was something else the book imparted that was a reminder to me about appreciating the little things, remember its not always about me and people usually just do the best they can. I have a friend who is going through a martial breakup. I have found it really hard to get together with her. She’s busy, working, has other plans. Years ago, I might have taken it personally that we can’t see each other, but I realize she is doing the best she can and any whining from me will not help. My husband is the same. He works hard. He is spinning dozens of plates in the air and keeping sane and calm while he’s doing it. Does he need me to complain about the car or the trash or being late for dinner? No, he is doing the best he can and I love him for that. I do the best I can, and sometimes the best I can is ordering take out. And that’s just fine.

We need to be nicer to each other and nicer to ourselves. Let go of the little thinks that irk us, but be grateful for the little things that make our lives lithe and better. That person who stole your parking spot, let that anger go, and say thank you to the person who lets you go first in the express line. Sure its okay to have that flash of anger, its even healthy, as it lets the energy go physically, just don’t hold onto it and let it affect your days. So when a friend or spouse or business partner irritates you, that’s fine, take that irritation and then sweep it away. And then appreciate it when something sweet happens.

And remember, being content in your day is a good thing. And being content means seeing the good when its there and shining a light on it, and letting go the not so great, when you can. And if you have to deal with bad, then just do the best you can and accept help. That help is something that people need to give. Let that goodness and kindness in.

Yours Lithely,


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