Living Lithe and Tradition/Ritual


Rituals? How important are they now and in our new lithe lives? And how to embrace new ways of doing things with

My lovely niece just got married and she and her fiancé had a website, with the gift registries. The site was very helpful, especially when we got lost!! Anyway, the gift registry was a store and a “honey-fund” or honeymoon fund. It had a list of activities, meals, cocktails, massage, adventures, etc. you could “buy” for the happy couple, with the prices.

At first, I was not sure I liked it. But after flashing back to my own wedding and the four dozen wine glasses we received, I started to rethink my old fashioned ideas. Having paid for our own wedding, and honeymoon, getting a gift of a kayak trip, mai tais on the beach, breakfast in bed, would have been a wonderful treat!! As well, as this couple had been together for years, it seemed appropriate to give them memories instead of towels!! (We did personalize the gift – my daughter decorated a box and then we wrote notes to put in the box!- see link below!) After “reserving” the activities for the new couple, it was exciting to think of them snorkeling and saying, hey this is from the McLaughlins!!

This wedding got me to thinking about tradition, technology, new kinds of families, new ways of gifting, and considering the other rituals of our lives. How hard do we hold onto how it “used to be” and when do we let go of the past and make our live more LITHE by creating new rituals? Sometimes old rituals can create drama, stress and confusion. And doesn’t really fit into today’s modern lives, and just because its “how it is done” doesn’t mean you have to do it. I actually don’t mind a heartfelt personal email thank you “card”. Saves trees, and really isn’t any less meaningful. And I don’t have to feel bad for tossing the card!! Maybe its time for the paper thank you card to go? Maybe not, but I for one will not feel offended if I get one.

Living Lithe-ly means simplifying things, streamlining your daily rituals, and that mind-set should continue on into the rituals of our “worldly” lives. Find ways to take an easier path, and let things go. And if an event you are going to is handled in a “non-traditional” way, enjoy it!! And if you find the new way “tacky”, then feel free to ignore…and not feel guilty and not stress.

Be lithe and live lightly!!

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