Time to Chill!!!

Saturday night, and I am sitting alone in my house, with my dogs (one of whom is injured) and I am enjoying my wine, chocolate and bad movies. Sometimes a LITHE woman needs to be a bit self indulgent. And not do anything for an evening. Flipping between Sex and the City movie and Couples Retreat makes me smile.
Me glass house you glass house! OMG

Silly sure, but sometimes silly is good, and it reminds us of what we have. And lazy is good. Massaging lotion on your feet, taking off old nail polish, wearing snuggly clothes, with scented candles is awesome.

We don’t have to be “accomplishing” something all the time. We think we must be doing, heading somewhere, exercising, reading, training something or other, but sometimes just sitting, being, veggie as it were is the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves. Watching scary movies, reading romance novels, painting our toenails, laying on the floor, is a way of going back to our high school dateless Saturday nights, which in retrospect weren’t such a bad thing.

Tomorrow, I will just go downtown and wander, no real mission in mind, no real goal, just go wherever the sun and my feet take me. And have myself a slice of greasy pepperoni pizza and glass of cheap wine!!

I am going to enjoy my city in the simplest of ways, walking, eating, people watching and not thinking about what I “should” be doing….

So today, do one thing for yourself that is selfish, lazy and silly…even if its dancing to disco music through your headset while wandering the shoe store!!

Xoxo Ladies!!

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