How not to Dress!! Tsk Madonna!!

Check out these picture of Madonna (thank you Tom and Lorzeno- my two favorite bloggers)

There is so much wrong here, it just makes me sad. I don’t understand the desperation she is showing with this outfit. The need to harken back on her days as a 20-something when she is clearly not. She is trying to look younger and hipper, but she ended up looking older and sadder. She is going to the opening up of her new gym, The gloves just seem to draw more attention to her hands. The make-up, the clothes, the shoes, the hair, everything looks so harsh and cold. I know I shouldn’t be so snarky about her, as she is one hell of an amazing woman who calls her own shots and created her own industry, but she does herself no benefit by putting on the costume of a teen girl going to a Madonna rock concert!!

As women, we need to embrace our age, but not let it drag us down. We can push it back, but we need to do it in a smart, fashionable, “age” appropriate, hip way without looking clownish. Madonna body is amazing, but you couldn’t tell from all the bling and chains and leather. There are ways to accessorize that are just as cool, edgy, sleek and flattering that can make one look “younger” and chic’r and sexier.

First, no reason to hide the hands, wearing biker-type cut-out gloves just screams “LOOK AT US!!” Better she wore a great watch or trendy bracelet, or even one handcuff. Either the outfit or the shoes should be killer. Imagine her in a sleek black leather dress, fitted like a glove, with shoes with studs or chains? Or wear a dress with a wide belt and amazing buckle and rockin’ black heels with an amazing heel?

After fifty, we can’t go out in costumes anymore. I understand the “aw fuck it” mentality of wearing whatever we want, I do, but there’s ways to do that with style. For instance, if you want to wear your vintage rolling stone concert shirt out, go for it, but don’t throw on cowboy boots, a boho bag, a floppy hat….wear that shirt with great jeans and a great jacket and flats or simple clean boots. That would be the LITHE way of going retro!!

I taught my daughters that you either show cleavage or legs, but rarely both. Short skirt needs more covered top, and if wearing a longer skirt, show off that decolletage. They have taken that to heart, and always look great. If the dress is tight and form fitted, then have it to the knee (that vintage feel). If it’s looser, you can go shorter.

Lesson of today- have fun with fashion, just don’t look silly!! Look fun!! Look cute!! Look hip!!! And Madonna, don’t know who told you this looked great, you need to tell them what’s up…you are much too fabulous!!!

Lithely yours and with love


ps- I didn’t even mention the grill, because whats the point!!!

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