Altering Your Future and Fortunes….

In Asia, there is a new fad: having your palm lines surgically altered so when you visit the palm reader (still big in Japan and Korea) you will be given a better fortune and future. Now I find palm reading, tarot card reading, tea leaves, pyschics and others fortune telling “practices” of that ilk, well, suspect.(post on that next!!) But I do strongly believe in the placebo affect. If you think it might happen, you can create the space and the circumstances for some good, or bad, to manifest. And your mind can definitely affect the body and the body the mind. I do believe that altering our bodies can alter our futures, just don’t believe this idea of cutting different lines in the hand so that someone else can divine our future is the way to go.

I have a friend who IS changing his physical appearance to change his fortunes. Not through surgery on his palms, but through weight loss and exercise. He was looking for work and it was an ah-ha moment when he realized his appearance of looking and feeling unfit, sloppy and unhealthy were hurting his chances of getting a new job, love in his life, and out of his rut. He is living at home again with his parents, but he wasn’t going to be a fat, slovenly, lazy looking man doing it.

Thinking back to the palms, I think it is silly to think surgically cutting into your palms to change the lines so that someone else can change your future. But I do believe that looking at your physical self and changing what needs to be changed can indeed change your fortunes. Coloring your hair, wearing clothes that flatter and fit, finding new makeup, losing the weight, getting your nails done, all of that makes you feel better, and when you feel better you project that positive energy to the world. I am not against plastic surgery either, so long as it a refreshing of who you are. (Nothing wrong with a wee bit of botox, or tummy tuck.)

Think about how you want to be physically and mentally down life’s lithe path and start today in creating your own future!! And pat yourself on the back with its natural lines and embrace who you are right now and then step forward in litheness…

Lithely in Mind


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