Sand, Grass, Dirt, Trees, Water!!!

Ran into an old friend- she was barefoot and walking in a neighbor’s luscious grass!! I asked if she had lost her shoes and she smiled, saying, “I needed to feel the earth under my feet, and nature between my toes…”

It was a moment of enlightenment for me. I loved that this woman felt the need to ground her self, literally, and took of her shoes and walked a kind of labyrinth in her neighbors yard. It was such a simple act that seemed to take my friend back to herself. I felt bad that I had interrupted her, but it was for me a moment of serendipity. Our minute conversation woke something up in me. I was always rushing my walks, running on the beach, shaking of the sand out of my shoes in frustration, not appreciating how amazing the beach was, or the trees, or the water, running by the waves and not really breathing it all in.

Seeing my friend take whatever minutes she needed to slow down, and allow herself to feel the energy of the earth, the soft blades under her feet, and get back to basics, even if it was just for 20 minutes, reminded me that we all need to go barefoot.

So, today find some dirt, sand, water, grass, take off your shoes and let your body touch the earth. Sit in the grass, no blanket, let your legs get feel the power, if you can, lay down, and just be. Find a place and look at a tree, touch the tree, do whatever you can to be with nature, not just in nature or around it but WITH it.



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