Daily Archives: January 21, 2014

Lithe Reminders of the Day

To live lithely:

try NOT to:Drink sodas
try NOT to:Be around toxic people
try NOT to:Stand on an escalator (walk it at least)
try NOT to:Go to bed without doing your nightly face and teeth cleansing
try NOT to:Be afraid of dogs
try NOT to:Worry about embarrassing yourself
try NOT to:Be afraid of rejection
try NOT to: Find the closest parking spot
try NOT to: Eat fried or fast food
try NOT to: Feel guilty for treating yourself
try NOT to: Drink to get drunk ( a little buzz is fine)
try NOT to: Avoid the fun

Instead, try to: Drink more water
Instead, try to: Be around joyous people
Instead, try to: Walk whenever you can
Instead, try to: Do your nightly rituals for body and soul
Instead, try to: Be around animals, pet every dog, cat, bunny you can
Instead, try to: Just try it
Instead, try to: Ask and accept the no if it comes
Instead, try to: Again, walk more
Instead, try to: Eat more food that are colors of the rainbow
Instead, try to: Treat yourself well
Instead, try to: Try a new wine or cocktail
Instead, try to: Have fun, enjoy life, and bring joy to others

It’s all simple, I know, but its also simply forgotten!!