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Diets That Time Forgot Show (BBC)

Diets That Time Forgot (BBC)

I am always fascinated by how people lived Lithely over the decades and centuries. The British show, Diets That Time Forgot, brought together nine participants, all who wanted to get fitter and slimmer. The plan is have each team of three try the “diet” of Victorian, Edwardian, and 20s eras. The Victorians are all about the proteins, the Edwardians’ ChewChew diet is eat what you want, but chew every bite 32 times, and what you don’t swallow by then you spit out (charming), and the 20’s Flapper era is about calories. They also exercised in the style of their era, wore the attire (including corsets), and tried the various fads, including ice baths and electric currents.

It was an experiment through history, surprised by medical and historical staff. At one point, they were given World War One boot camp drills. Only one person left the three week course. He just didn’t have enough will power, and he didn’t like the food, which I can’t really blame him for, Pigeon?

Every few days they participants were weighed. This was not a “contest”, but more of an experiment to see which diet program worked the best. They would all be winners or “slimmers”.

What was so wonderful about the show, well five one hour shows, was the humor, the support, the wee tests, and the different methods used to reach the same goal. At one point the brought in a “hypnotherapist” who was more of a counselor who really helped the participants get inside into their relationships with food and exercise.

The idea wasn’t to crash diet. It was to jump start a new lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising more. The various programs were silly in some ways, serious in others. Sleeping in the outdoors, walking for miles while moving the arms, chewing food properly, less alcohol, portion control, those were all universal practices. The ice baths, electric shocks in water, well, maybe not so practical.

I really enjoyed learning about the beginning of the scouting program and how girls just demanded to have a program for themselves. During the 30s, , the Women’s League of Health and Beauty was formed. It showcased and encouraged women’s exercise, and while some of the exercises seemed simple and not effective, they indeed were. I love the idea of thousands of women getting together and sharing fitness.


If you look closely, you will see a range of ages, not just young ladies, but middle aged and older. Wonderful. The fact that eighty years later it is still thriving gives testament to the idea that working out and staying fit doesn’t have to be fancy of complicated. I just wish it was here in the USA!!!

The show, Diets That Time Forgot, was a lesson in history, health, exercise and self awareness. It showed that not everything needs to be a contest with winner and losers, but with support, everyone can do well and win.

Living Lithe is timeless. And Ageless.

Be kind to yourself


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