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Poop Part Deux

Poop Part Deux This is such an important topic that I want to add a few more bits of information, and it is a topic people are embarrassed to think about, much less research or talk about. Many health issues … read more

Diets That Time Forgot Show (BBC)

Diets That Time Forgot (BBC) I am always fascinated by how people lived Lithely over the decades and centuries. The British show, Diets That Time Forgot, brought together nine participants, all who wanted to get fitter and slimmer. The plan … read more

Poop and More Poop!!

Poop!! Yes Poop!! Just watched a great British show called Diets That Time Forgot (more about the whole show and experiment later), but one part struck me as graphically honest, funny, and actually very useful and helpful. Part of the … read more