Daily Archives: December 2, 2013

Don’t Go Negative Right Off the Bat

I invited new friends to think about going to a fun pop up picnic with us. It’s based on a french tradition of having outdoor dinners, everyone wears all white, and you don’t know where it is until a few hours before. First reaction? “I don’t wear white..” Negative right off the bat, with a “what we don’t do”. As if wearing white jeans or light khakis would go against some sort of style code.

I have several friends who are ready to try new things, and don’t immediately think of all the problems, possible issues, difficulties of doing something different. I do have a few who focus first off on what they don’t do or won’t do and react. If its something one truly hates, then sure, speak up. I would never go to a horse race. I just can’t. Or Nascar. And I can’t imagine taking my mom to a rodeo, or my husband to a fashion show.

However, something as neutral as an outdoor picnic, an art exhibit, a sand castle building contest, or a flea market, they all deserve consideration. And one doesn’t need every detail to see if its something you want to attend!! I don’t know if they have food, but I am sure we could find some. Are there buses? Well, we could car pool or go together.

When a friend suggests something new, listen first, show enthusiasm (unless it is something you really just wouldn’t even consider like going hunting), and don’t just in as a negative nelly at first listen.

Having a more positive attitude toward new adventures, new foods, new places, will work its way into the rest of your life.

Lesson of the day- whenever you hear yourself saying something negative, try and turn it into something positive or possible. My new friends are reallllly into UFC (mixed martial arts), and the various other things that go with it. Not my thing, however, if there was an event that was more the jiu-jitsu style type of bouts (something my daughter’s boyfriend does) than I would love to go. When my girlfriend was talking excitedly about it, I said, wow, it is so cool you two love birds like the same things so much!! I and meant it.

I do have another friend who loves horse races, and I have told her I just can’t go, after finding excuses. I didn’t go into the details of why, but just that it was something I am not interested in. She was very gracious and dropped it. When she suggested going to the Dickens Faire, another of her passions, I was happy to say sure, what do I get to wear?!

I talked my friends into the picnic, and I know once there, they will have an amazing time- and if they just want to wear white sweats and white hoodies, well that’d be great!!

Have a lithe week