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Going Old School in the New Year! Board Games? Yeah Man!!

Going Old School in the New Year! Board Games? Yeah Man!!

My daughter and her friends had an epic jingo game the other day, and they reminded me of the fun playing games can be. Every year our local science museum does a games night for adults only, using oversized checker boards, bean bag tic-tac-toe toss, a kid’s bowling set, and an assortment of other old school games. This event is packed, with people cheering players on and waiting in line to play. For my daughter’s graduation, we went to a pool hall that also had ping pong, table hockey, shuffle board, and tons of classic board games. The Black Cat was an over-21 venue with jazz music piped over the speakers and tables packed with 20-something gals and dudes playing Chutes and Ladders, Dungeons and Dragons, Monopoly, Candy Land, and Chess.

They weren’t staring at their cell phones,and there was just one screen (behind the bar) in the vast below the street cavern. It was so much fun. Several hours later, we emerged to the bright city lights, several new friends richer.

We tend to think this generation, the Gen Xers, are all about screens for their interactions and amusements. They are bringing back the games of OUR youth, with the games simple complexity and strategies. Chinese Checkers, Connect Four, Clue, Sorry, all have simple rules but one needs to plan ahead a few moves to win and pay attention, but they are not all consuming.

Something else I noticed about the games my daughters’ friends and that generation playing the old school way, is that they aren’t violent, they are often sweet, fun colors, classic piece that we often inter-mixed when pieces were lost, and may have some weird dice or contraption you push. Also, these games are done at the groups’s own pace, as fast or slow as the players want, allowing for time to chat, snack, and flirt. I have a friend who works for an internet gaming design company, and they more often play board games.

There is nothing like sitting around with family and friends on a vacation playing cards and using skittles as chips. Finding the croquet set at the rented cabin and having a rollicking match can create the fondest of memories.

We need to take that mindset of playing games on trips and vacations and bringing back to our everyday life. How often have you played ping pong when away, but never play when in your hometown? How often are the board games dug out when relatives are visiting, but ignored the rest of the year? It might be time to find that old Trouble box and have at it!!!

(There is one game that is really fun that does use an Iphone or Ipad, its called Heads Up, a kind of reverse Charades…check it out!!)

Here is a list of fun games for all ages, hat are probably in someone’s closet

Chutes and Ladders
Any kind of Cards
Guess Who
Connect Four

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